At VIVO360, Inc., you'll find a world-class team of brand strategists, marketing and technology professionals. Our leadership is about partnership, helping each other and clients to exceed their own expectations. Our team is led by Sophie Gibson.

As founder and president of VIVO360, Inc. Sophie never has a typical day at the office. She has an ability to integrate strategic, creative and technical minds on a daily basis from her very talented team, who are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned within the world of communications.

Sophie forges the company's strategic vision and focus and has created a company that’s highly customer service driven, profitable, innovative and creative. She has the ability to attract and inspire like-minded professionals-knowledgeable, innovative achievers who share a passion for continuously enhancing VIVO360 services and solutions.

Sophie has a marketing career that spans over 19 years and has serviced clients in many industries, from food and beverage to medical devices. Her clients include Southwire, the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Hilton Hotels, Global Concessions, Inc., the Development Authority of Fulton County, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Sopheon and The Links, Incorporated. Sophie has a keen eye for business and is known for finding a solution from what seems impossible. Her efforts have helped these organizations and companies globalize their strategic communications plans and successfully implement tactics that have helped them capture or maintain their share of voice in very competitive category segments.

“Unlike most agencies today that provide cookie-cutter solutions, VIVO360 starts with your company’s objectives and goals. Then we determine an overall marketing strategy that will bring you the greatest results!”